Heroes Dreams: Rebirth was a Multi-User eXperience that ran during 2008 and 2010. It officially closed doors on Aug 29, 2010.

Closing Announcement:

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 READ ME: Important Announcement    Aug 29 2010   Optimus Prime

Let me begin with the short version: Heroes Dreams: Rebirth MUX is closing.
Within the next month or two, the end of the year at the absolute latest, the
game will be closed down permanently. By that time, I will have announced the
opening of the new project staff is in the process of developing. The concept
is similar to this one, but we have many adaptations and improvements planned.
I will hope to see all of our players from here taking part in the new game.

That was the short version. Now, please indulge me a while longer, if you would.

This announcement has, quite honestly, been months now in coming. There was a
feeling among some that HDR should have closed when we moved to the new
database, that a total reboot of the game was in order. I have come to feel
that a reboot of HDR would not resolve many of the issues that have plagued us.
Instead, staff has developed new ideas more gradually, and I hope to soon
unveil our new project. In the end, HDR could not last. It needed change, and
the staff cannot give it that in its current form. True, mistakes have
certainly been made. With mistakes, though, come lessons learned.

Once, I dreamt (quite literally) of a MUX with a shared theme between DC and
Marvel. It was a place where the characters were unsegregated by label or
cliques, where the game unfolded with a story driving it, and where everyone
got to have fun playing their favorite characters, be they FC or OC. HD1 was
meant to be that game, and it went astray after a little over two years. HDR
followed, and it took us about four years before we really lost our way. Both
games represented the pursuit of that dream, the dream which gave them their
names. I will carry something of that dream on to future endeavors, even
though the name "Heroes Dreams" ends with this game.

I hope you'll indulge my cliché when I say that I thank you for standing here
beside me at sunset, for each of you has helped to make this game shine at
its best moments. Now, I look toward the horizon and welcome you to join me
again on a new journey, come the dawn.

 Transform, and roll out.

                           Optimus Prime <----===                            
                          ===-----> MUX Director                             

Welcome to Heroes Dreams' Rebirth MUX. Our game is based on a shared universe between those established in Marvel Comics and DC Comics. While we don't require that you follow the comics at all, having a grasp of the comics and characters is encouraged. The events of the comics aren't considered to have happened here, allowing people a little more freedom in establishing characters. While most of the characters played are taken from Marvel and DC, we do encourage and support the creation and incorporation of Original Characters (OCs).

If you'd like to join us on the game, please use your MU* client to connect to port 4600.

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